At UCW, we manufacture a wide range of straight bevel gears, spiral bevel gears, differential gears and crown wheel and pinions – mainly geared to the automative / agro industry from large tractors to the smallest 3 wheelers.
Assortment of gears for different size rotavators.
Differential gears for electric cars.
Straight bevel differential gears for 3 wheeler vehicles.
Special curvic coupling gears for heavy duty transmissions.
Various types of hubs for automotive clutches.
Complete gear assemblies for 3 wheeelers.
Hypoid Spiral bevel gears for trucks.
LOP gears for tractors.
PTO gears for tractors.
Differential gear housings for 3 wheelers.
Spiral bevel gears for diaphram pumps.
Spiral and straight bevel gears for 20 & 28 hp tractors.
Differential straight bevel gears for tractors.